There are people who make this world more beautiful. Here are the ones that we are proud to call friends:
                               dan cureanariel-constantinofana



  • Mugur Pop – one of the few people we know who lives how he preaches. He loves nature and horses, so he owns a farm somewhere near the city of Cluj-Napoca, and horses, and promotes ecotourism and horseriding. You can find him here: (facebook).


  • Cristian Şuţu ( – a journalist and photographer who is the founder of Foto Union, and the creator of the largest public photo campaigns in Romania. You can find his projects here: And just for you to know: the 2011 Family Portrait campaign has been declared the best worldwide communication campaign of Xerox.


  • Radu Bădoiu ( – a photographer and an artist true to himself, fascinated by nudity photo projects, and co-author of the (together with Ariel Constantinof – – 2nd place winner, Webstock 2015, Best use of photography.


  • Dan Curean – our prefered documentary director, author of Gone Wild, documenting the story of the wild horses in the Danube Delta.


  • Ariel Constantinof – a young and ambitious and hard working entrepreneur, creator of and, co-author of, together with the above-mentioned Radu Bădoiu.


  • Ana Dragu (, – after you meet her, you know what loving and working for others really means. She is a sort of modern day Sisyphus, as her work will never end, but nonetheless she has the determination and the strength to wake up and start over every day. Did you know that Bistrița has the highest number of autistic children integrated in normal school? This means something, isn’t it? Buy and read her book – – you will discover a whole new world. And you can always help the therapy center she is running, the smallest sponsorship or donation means a monthly salary for a therapist and free therapy for autistic children in Bistrița.